The floor preparation is the make-or-break foundation for any flooring job.

Liquid screed has numerous advantages over traditional methods:

• Fast installation and fast curing for a smooth process

• Flows into every nook and cranny for a seamless surface

• Can be applied in thin or thick layers as needed

• Incredibly durable and long-lasting

• Provides thermal mass to boost energy efficiency

• Easy to customise with different additives and finishes

Any good crew providing floor preparation services in Leicestershire knows liquid screed is the best option. It cuts down on labour, reduces overall costs, and delivers wonderful results.

Providing a rock-solid foundation for new flooring is a big part of the job, but the floor preparation services in Leicestershire cover much more. Skilled floor prep crews also handle:

• Moisture testing and treatment to prevent future issues

• Subfloor repairs for cracks, holes, or water damage

• Removing old adhesives, paints, or coatings

• Installing underfloor heating systems

• Soundproofing for Any Room

Preparing floors isn’t just about making them smooth and level. Addressing acoustics and moisture is also required – especially for businesses. A professional floor preparation service ensures your new flooring won’t get ruined by condensation.

In places like bathrooms, basements and commercial kitchens, excessive moisture is a big concern. Floors need the proper slope for drainage. They have to stand up to constant water exposure and temperature changes. Only floor prep pros know the specialised procedures for these situations.

Old office buildings also present challenges. You might be dealing with asbestos remediation. Maybe there are decades of built-up floor adhesives that need removing. Or perhaps the floor juts up against a brick wall with no expansion gap – a recipe for cracks down the road.

Most residential jobs require a basic level of flatness to prevent tiles from cracking or wood from warping. But commercial and industrial settings need ultra-flat, hyper-level floors commensurate with their use and equipment loads. Only a highly skilled floor prep crew can guarantee those strict tolerances.

Our crew has tools like dual-headed grinding machines, concrete millers, and dust-free vacuum systems. We know all the latest products and techniques for different flooring types. Most importantly, We have the skills to resolve any unexpected issues that crop up along the way.

Prepping floors yourself is gruelling, messy work. You’ll likely make mistakes that cause big problems down the road. Just think about trying to mix, pour and spread liquid screed over a large area with no experience. It will be a disaster that will cost more than hiring the professionals. So it is better to leave it to the professionals.