How To Use Floor Levelling Compounds To Achieve The Finest Surface

The Perfect Level Of A Screed is SR1

When laying any sort of flooring the ideal is for the substrate to be as level and flat as possible, especially in the case of floor surfaces such as tiling. The aim is always to achieve a level of SR1 as this is the highest standard of floor level.self levelling

In order to have as superior a finish as possible, floor levelling compounds are used, and these are mainly either cementitious or thin section latex, which can be used to level pour substrates or as the final layer on top of a screed to achieve the finest tolerance. Thicknesses can vary depending upon the materials used, but can be as little as 1 mm, up to 40 mm.Before application, the substrate needs to be perfectly clean and free from plaster droppings, polish, paint, grease, dust, and any loosely adhered material. It is advisable to use a primer in order to ensure the correct bond to the substrate and this will also help with the flow of the compound.