If you are working on a construction project and need to level out the substrate before laying the final flooring, you may be asking yourself about the benefits of flowing screed in Gloucestershire. After all, they are a relatively recent addition to the construction industry, but why do people claim that they are so much better than a simple sand and cement screed?

There are actually several answers to the question, and one of them is the speed of installation. When you use a traditional sand and cement screed it is either mixed by hand in a cement mixer on site, or in the case of larger projects may be delivered ready mixed. The latter is preferable because when the mixing is done on site, there will be a lack of consistency from one batch to another.

Either way, when the screed is barrowed on to the substrate it then has to be laid by a worker using a trowel, and on his hands and knees. As you can imagine, this takes a considerable time in order to achieve as near a flat and level surface as possible.

Flowing Screed Can Be Laid Up To 20 Times As Fast As Sand And Cement

By contrast, a liquid screed is also delivered to site ready mixed, but because it is liquid in form it is then a simple matter of connecting a pump and a hose to the delivery truck and pumping the screed into place. This can be done up to 20 times as fast as trowelling sand and cement on by hand. So, there is a considerable saving on labour just to begin with.

Although liquid screeds cost more than sand and cement, the cost of labour will easily balance that out. Furthermore, a liquid screed can be laid considerably thinner than sand and cement, so there is a saving on material that way as well.

Because the screed is in liquid, flowing form, it levels itself out, producing a surface which will achieve British Standard SR2, and usually SR1, while sand and cement is unlikely ever to be any more flat and level than SR3. This is important when you are going to lay tile or stone as the final flooring.

There are other benefits to a flowing screed as well, especially when you are installing underfloor heating on a project.  

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