When constructing or refurbishing a building in London there are many factors to take into consideration. The walls, the floor, the roof, all need to be perfect so that it can be used as intended and without any issues.

Of course, architects will have many ideas and designs to provide to the building owners, depending upon the use of the building, the budget, and more. However, apart from other considerations, one important factor is the floor and how level and flat it is when finished. This is our area of expertise at UK Screeds. We provide and install liquid screeds which have several benefits over the use of sand and cement.

Not the least of these is the drying time. When you use our rapid cure screed in London, it will be dry almost before you know it! Compare that with the traditional sand and cement screeds which can take ages before they are safe to walk on and have the final flooring fitted.

Laying Time

There is also the time that has to be allowed for laying the screed in the first place. A traditional sand and cement screed, while costing less than our rapid cure screed in London, can take a long time to lay, depending upon the floor area of course. It has to be laid by a worker on hands and knees levelling it as much as possible using a trowel. That can take days. By comparison, our screeds can be laid at a rate of as much as 2,000m² a day! We lay them with a pump. Being in liquid format, our screeds are also self-levelling. Once poured, they only need to be run over in two directions with a dappling bar to remove any air bubbles, and they can then be left to dry.

So, although the material itself is more expensive than sand and cement, the labour involved is far less, thus reducing the overall cost. Then there is the drying time. When you use sand and cement, it can take several weeks, depending upon the thickness of the screed, before it can be walked on, and the final flooring fitted.

Our self-levelling anhydrite screeds will be ready to walk on in 24 – 48 hours. This means that there are no long waiting times for other contractors who may need to paint, decorate, hang wallpaper, and so on, thus saving even more time on the overall project. On any such job, that helps to keep it on time and on budget.