Residential and domestic customers across the UK are investing in heated floors for all kinds of reasons. When you install a heated floor, you can benefit in a variety of ways and gain more enjoyment and comfort from your home or business premises. Heated floors and underfloor heating feel great to walk in and ensure heat is distributed evenly around your space. When you have underfloor heating in place, you can stop relying on radiators and can use the space for artwork, units and much more.

Barefoot Luxury

Many homeowners find themselves walking around their homes barefoot thanks to the luxurious warmth offered by underfloor heating. Your underfloor heating solution can even help you reduce your fuel bills. This is because it works at a lower temperature than a radiator. You will also lose less warmth when your windows are open or when you’re faced with draughts once you have made your investment. Your heating solution can even help you add value to your home and result in a higher price being paid for it should you ever decide to sell up.

A Modern, Inviting Look

Another key advantage of underfloor heating is that it is invisible, which is ideal for those opting for a minimalist look as well those people who don’t want radiators compromising the aesthetic appeal of their space. You can even install heated floor systems underneath carpets as well as floors made from tiles, wood and stone.

Why UK Screeds Ltd?

At UK Screeds Ltd, we can come to your assistance if you are in need of an underfloor heating system. We can provide you with a system that will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. What’s more is that we can provide and install systems that you can control with your smartphone when you are away from home. Simultaneous heating and cooling are available for different parts of your home, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Getting in Touch

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