Modern concrete flooring is highly adaptable and easy to customise. Not only can it be moulded into any size or shape, but it can also have different textures, colours, and finishes applied. As a result, concrete gives you a unique opportunity to get creative with your modern interior flooring design.

Here are three popular design ideas for modern concrete floors.

1) Apply a Vibrant Colour

Concrete flooring doesn’t have to remain a dull gray colour. You can use concrete stains to penetrate your existing concrete surface and change its colour. If you haven’t laid your new concrete floor yet, you can mix the stain solution with the liquid concrete before laying it down. Some popular concrete stain colours are dark green, dark red, and gold.

2) Mix Brick Tile with the Concrete Design

An all-concrete floor design can look rather boring. But you can solve this problem by adding a different floor type to the concrete design to create two designs rather than one. One popular suggestion is to divide your floor space into two designs, with one half being brick tile and the other half being solid concrete. Brick paving especially works well if the flooring is next to a window or door leading to the outside.

3) Multiple Levels

Concrete flooring always looks better when you have multiple levels of flooring in the same room. For instance, larger homes with open kitchens may want step-ups leading from the living room to the kitchen. Concrete generates a sleeker look between the different levels of flooring.

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