People are choosing underfloor heating as a better alternative to traditional radiators. With rising energy bills, heated floors are a more attractive option as they consume less energy. Although the method of underfloor heating used today is relatively new, the idea has been around for ages.

Here’s our guide to the amount of energy used by heated floors.

Energy Costs for Heated Flooring

Due to the age and type of building, every project has unique space heating needs. Whether your underfloor heating is electrically powered or water powered will affect the energy consumed and therefore the cost.

According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, ‘when combined with a condensing boiler, underfloor heating can achieve energy efficiencies of over 90%.’ With your gas boiler, you can save up to 30% more energy than radiators. With a condensing boiler, further savings depend on whether you have a cheap gas supplier.

Energy Savings from Underfloor Heating

When run from a heat pump source, the saving improves to 40% with underfloor heating. Although installation costs are more, you can recoup your investment through energy savings.

Another aspect of energy usage is monitoring. Through a smart timer and thermostat, you get exact control over usage. Now you can arrive home and enjoy warm winter feet on demand.

Variables That Impact on Heated Floors

Many factors can impact on energy usage such as whether a new build, renovation or commercial project. Older buildings with limited wall and ceiling insulation have more draughts.

For new buildings, heated flooring can be included as part of the overall design. That’s because up-to-date building standards lead to better performance. Of course, energy tariffs also influence running costs and your return on investment.

Expert Floor Screeding and Underfloor Heating

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