Liquid screed (also known as flow screed) represents a modern alternative to more traditional sand and cement screed methods. It flows into any required shape to create smooth level surfaces and is easy to pour and quick to dry.  The simplicity and versatility of liquid screed make it increasingly popular for both residential and commercial developers, but when is it the right solution

Short on Time?

If you need to have your floor laid and ready for light foot traffic quickly, then liquid screed is the ideal solution for you. Its lay depth and liquid properties make it faster to apply and much quicker to dry than traditional sand and cement screed. Your floor could be ready for use in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Are You Installing Underfloor Heating?

Liquid screed is ideal if you are looking to maximise the efficiency of an underfloor heating system. With nearly twice the thermal conductivity of traditional screed, this method makes for reduced energy consumption and improved effectiveness, not to mention saving you money on your power bills.

Quality Finish

If you’re looking for a high-quality finish with minimal fuss, liquid screed is the best option for you. It will flow into any required shape and will fill all gaps and voids to improve the surface regularity.  It’s also resistant to curling and cracking, making it a durable alternative to cement or sand screed. Your floor will have a smooth and even finish that lasts.

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