Exposed concrete finishes have grown in popularity among architects and clients. Polished screed floors provide the perfect solution for your home or business. By choosing a polished screed finish, you can save on fitting expensive floor coverings.

This appealing finish can be achieved by power trowelling, or diamond grinding and buffering. Here’s an overview on how to polish a screeded floor.

Ground and Polished Concrete Screed

Ground and polished concrete screed allow greater variation in polishing and texture. Sanding mechanically removes the top millimetres of screed using diamond grinders. The level of aggregate exposure is relative to the depth of grinding.

This sanding process is recommended even when installing floor coverings like carpet or vinyl. After grinding, the surface is then brushed by a buffering machine to create a polished look.

The desired level of shine and appearance varies according to the screed mixture and level of buffering. A matt or gloss finish can also be specified. The resulting look is often compared to a terrazzo style in tiling.

Floated and Trowelled Finish

Power floating creates a polished and more solid-looking floor finish. Timing is critical, as power floating must take place before curing. The polished sheen is formed by mechanically trowelling the surface before the screed is fully set.

In this finishing method, less aggregate is exposed. The result is a more solid appearance when compared to the diamond grinding method.

Features and Applications

A polished screed finish is durable and slip-resistant. That makes it ideal for warehouses, public buildings and offices. For your home, the finish can also work perfectly with underfloor heating in your bathroom or kitchen.

Exposed aggregate and colour variants in the screed mix provide texture and character. This gives more scope to create an appealing, minimalist floor, which stands the test of time.

Professional Floor Screeding and Underfloor Heating

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