Most contractors and builders have left traditional screed mix in the yesteryears and moved on to mess-free and convenient liquid screed. It is a better version of dry screed and gets the job done in less time. Modern residential buildings, as well as high-end commercial projects, are using liquid screed.

But do you know what makes the job easier? A professional liquid screed pump! If you are planning to start a new flooring project, here are five reasons to consider liquid screed pump hire:

  1. Smooth and faster application throughout

Using a liquid screed pump saves time and money. The pump seamlessly lays and compresses the screed in a short span without any hassle. You can also try your hands on the high-level self-levelling screed pumps. These machines eliminate the need for manual levelling after laying the screed.

  1. Uncompromised quality and mix of screed

The screed must be mixed well before placing any other flooring material on top or leaving it as is. A liquid screed pump rigorously mixes the materials to achieve a smooth and even consistency. Therefore, once the screed is poured on the concrete, it lays nice and thick, leaving no room for imperfections.

  1. Effortless access to the tough corners

If your property is on a slope or you are trying to reach narrow spaces, a liquid screed pump is the best solution. Manually laying screed in limited or complicated spaces can lead to uneven levelling. The pumps have a long hose that accesses even the toughest corners and generously lays the material without making a mess.

  1. Better for the environment

Are you worried about polluting the air or impact damage? A liquid screed pump is the perfect solution for environmentally-conscious builders and contractors. Manual mixing can generate dust particles that make the surroundings unfit for working. While using a liquid screed pump, the entire screed is mixed in a container, which contains the dust particles and prevents them from contaminating the environment.

Do you fancy yourself as a handyman and take up DIY home improvement projects? Or are you kickstarting your construction business? UK Screeds Ltd is here to help you with liquid screed pump hire. Why spend a fortune on a machine when you can simply hire from the best? Hiring a professional liquid screed machine saves you money and space. So wait no more and contact us to get a quote today!