Who does not want warm and toasty feet in the winter? Well, now you can enjoy the luxury of moving around bare feet in your home without spending a fortune. Do you know how? With the unbeatable combination of laminate floors and underfloor heating systems.

But why should you choose laminate flooring for underfloor heating?
The choice of flooring material not only adds to the budget but also acts on the UFH system’s performance. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective, low-maintenance choice: perfect for busy, modern homeowners. Most laminates are durable, scratch and water-resistant. So, if you have small kids or pets at home, you no longer have to worry about spills, accidents or damages.

Due to these properties, most homeowners use laminate flooring with underfloor heating in kitchens and washrooms. Another reason why laminate flooring is perfect is that the material does not warp or change its structure due to heat exposure. Moreover, laminate flooring increases the reaction time of the underfloor heating system, and the room reaches a pleasant temperature within a few minutes. But it is important to remember that thicker laminates can hinder heat transfer. Hence, for optimum heating, choose the correct thickness.

Which underfloor heating system should you choose with laminate flooring?

There are two kinds of underfloor heating systems, namely water UFH and electric UFH. The good news is you can choose either because both fit well with laminate flooring. However, the nature of the space must be considered before installing the heating system. If the room is small, like the washroom, you want to opt for an electric underfloor heating network. For larger rooms like dining halls, office rooms or bedrooms, the water UFH system works well. But ensure that the heat does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit to protect the floor from damage in the long run. To be safe, always talk to the installers to determine the maximum temperature the laminate flooring can withstand.

There are some dos and don’ts of installing laminate flooring and UFH systems. But you don’t have to answer the hard questions because we are here to do it for you. At UK Screeds, we strive to provide the best screeds and heating solutions at reasonable rates. Want to know more about laminate flooring for underfloor heating? Talk to our experts and get the best quote today!