There’s nothing wrong with carpet necessarily, but it seems like there’s more practicality than style to this flooring choice. Enjoying a soft, well maintained and thick carpet is undoubtedly a great joy in colder months, however, we’ve all lived in or visited places where carpet has been less than satisfactory, often worn down and stained.

If your carpet floors have seen better days you may be considering the pros and cons of upgrading the style of your home and getting a new floor altogether. So for all of you who are thinking of switching out your trusty carpet floor for an upgrade of some kind, we’ve listed some potential benefits of opting for a non-carpet floor.

  1. Improve Your Image and Match Your Character

When you have a beautiful and durable floor your home can make a great first impression. And in a way, it is also your own character that makes an impression on people who visit your home. A great floor can represent strength, comfort or even a touch of whimsy depending on your personal tastes and personality.

It might be the case that carpet is exactly the kind of person you are, preferring practical comfort and no-nonsense decisions compared to extravagance and luxury. However, if you like the shinier or finer things in life, it’s likely that your old carpet doesn’t reflect who you are very well when people walk through your door.

  1. Lift Your Home’s Overall Appearance

The first big reason to replace your carpets is to give your home a fresh new look. The previous owners of your home might have put in an inexpensive but charming carpet floor many years ago, to make the home look relatively nice, but if it hasn’t been cleaned or replaced in many years, it’s likely that your carpet could be undermining the look and appearance of the rest of your home

It’s all too common for carpets to come in strange shades that you would rather remove so that you can adapt the scheme and colour palette of the rest of your home too. For instance, mint greens or bright blues are hard to work into certain interior design plans and changing your carpet for a more neutral and classic option can set your creativity free when it comes to planning the rest of your home.

Equally, simply wanting a change is as good a reason as any to renovate and upgrade from your current carpet.

  1. Allergies

As a society, we’re so much more aware of the quality of our air and the various contaminants on our home surfaces. Having a surface that is easier to clean can be the determining factor for many people in moving away from carpet. While a regular hoovering can do the job just fine, it can still feel like you haven’t quite gotten rid of the various pollutants and allergens that enter your home on a regular basis.

This is especially the case for people suffering from allergies. Allergens, like dust and pollen, can be stored up in old carpeting and within the carpet pads. These allergens can also trigger asthmatic reactions as well.

If someone in your household has been suffering from allergies you may want to see if your current flooring could be contributing to their allergies symptoms.

  1. Better Heat Transfer

If you live in a cold climate area you may want to choose a flooring that helps keep temperatures stable throughout the year. Carpeting is a great insulator for floors and can help reduce the energy bills of your home, however, it’s not as good as some materials when it comes to transferring the heat from underfloor heating systems into your home.

Combined with a completely level layer of liquid screed flooring, floor finishes like tiles can increase the energy efficiency of your home and help you to keep warm in winter.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

Whatever reason you may have for picking out a new floor, be sure to ask a flooring professional to help you plan your renovation. If you’re thinking of installing an underfloor heating system and new liquid screed floor to support your new flooring option, inquire about our floor preparation services in Bristol and throughout the UK and we’ll happily offer you some advice on smart ways to upgrade from your old carpet.