If you’ve done the hard part and installed a conservatory you probably can’t wait to use it as warmer weather approaches. However, the final piece of the puzzle, if you haven’t decided already, is the type of flooring you choose to have laid down within the extended space.

For some people, this is determined by the type of application you plan on using your conservatory for. However, others will choose exactly the same material used in the rest of their downstairs rooms for consistency.

There’s no golden rule necessarily, but we’ve put together a breakdown of the three main conservatory flooring options that work really well in all types of homes, with each conservatory flooring choice offering its own benefits.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks great, and is really easy to install. It also does really well in warm spaces that take on a large amount of natural light, due to laminate panels being highly resistant to heat and UV rays.

Other benefits of laminate flooring are that it’s hard-wearing, meaning that it can handle frequent scrapes when you have young kids over or open your doors to the garden and have pets come in and out.

While it’s not quite as sexy as solid wood for some people, it certainly does the job in many respects, offering great aesthetic appearance as well as practically. It’s easy to maintain and clean if your family regularly tracks mud in from the garden and it manages to remain natural and rustic in the right colour and patterns, even if you’ve opted for a more modern conservatory style. If you want a cosier feel, you can always add a rug to offer some texture or softness your feet will appreciate in colder months.

Carpet Flooring

Many people think the carpet really doesn’t belong in the conservatory, however, it is still a popular favourite amongst homeowners that want their conservatory to feel more like a natural part of their property, which has carpet running through other spaces.

The beauty of carpet is that it’s easily fitted and is relatively affordable when compared to alternatives. When you opt for thicker carpets, they are generally very hard-wearing and feel great for when you want to have a lazy day relaxing in your extended space on a soft surface.

Vinyl Flooring

Much like laminate conservatory flooring, vinyl can evoke the look of wood, achieving the traditional appearance for just a fraction of the cost of the real thing. It is one of the safest choices of flooring for your conservatory as it’s virtually non-slip and comes in many different styles and patterns, making it easier for your family to agree on something that everyone likes.

Also, certain vinyl flooring options in a conservatory can have a surprisingly illuminating effect, especially in a glass conservatory.

Keeping Warm in with Underfloor Heating in Your Conservatory

Conservatories can be the warmest room of the house in summer, but this doesn’t mean it won’t get cold at Christmas time. For ultimate warmth and energy efficiency, many homeowners choose to have underfloor heating systems installed in their conservatories. And when combined with a liquid screed substrate, you can achieve incredible energy efficiency throughout your home, saving you money and reducing the environmental impact of energy wastage.

Which Conservatory Flooring Solutions Can Have Underfloor Heating?

All types of flooring options will work with underfloor heating, however, the energy efficiency and ability for heat to transfer evenly across the floor surface and into your home can vary from material to material. Tiles are a very popular option for underfloor heating systems as they allow warmth to flow up and into the house incredibly easily.

You can lay carpet and underlay over these systems too, so long as they are not too thick. Wooden floors also retain the heat very well, and will last for many years to come.

Want Advice About Your Floor and Underfloor Heating System?

At UK Screed, we’ve helped many homeowners design and install the perfect liquid screed base layer for their homes and conservatories so that they work perfectly with various flooring options and underfloor heating systems. If you’re looking for advice in this area or are looking for a liquid floor screed company in Oxford, get in touch with us today!