Liquid screed applications are fast and affordable to execute. However, it is effortless to make mistakes during installation if you do not perform the proper techniques and strategies to ensure a flawless installation.  

Here are the top five mistakes you should avoid when applying liquid screed. 

1) Failing to Remove Debris and Furniture

Before applying the liquid screed, you must clear your flooring of all debris, furniture, and other particles and objects. Failing to do

2) Mixing On the Worksite

Never mix the liquid screed solution on the same worksite as your flooring project because it will produce debris elements and pollutants that could compromise the integrity of the results. Instead, mix the liquid screed solution off-site and then bring it to the worksite of the flooring project. 

3) Mixing the Wrong Ratio of Sand and Cement

Much of the success of a liquid screed application relies on mixing the correct ratio of sand and cement with water and calcium sulphate. Only experienced contractors or renovators can mix the proper ratio. 

4) Levelling the Screeding

Liquid screed quickly spreads as it is pumped onto the flooring surface. However, you’ll need to use a unique levelling tool to level and even out the screed solution over the surface. That way, you can easily add your carpeting or tiling on top of it. 

5) Doing Everything Yourself

Do not attempt to apply liquid screeding yourself. It is always better to hire a professional team of liquid screed installers, such as the ones at UK Screeds Ltd. Our company specialises in performing liquid screed installations which guarantee smooth and clean surfaces for our clients. 

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