Many homeowners request underfloor heating system installations as part of their home improvement projects. Underfloor heating systems do a far better job heating indoor environments than traditional radiator systems. More importantly, they are more energy efficient when used with a layer of liquid screed solution. 

An underfloor heating system may cause you to lose about five inches of height in your room, but the comfort and energy efficiency benefits far outweigh the minor height loss. Since most UK rooms have plenty of space, you probably will not notice the difference very much. 

Fortunately, the liquid screed layer does not add height to a floor because it is already much thinner than conventional sand and cement screed. The thinness of the layer is what produces a more energy-efficient environment for your underfloor heating system. Heat can quickly enter your room through the thin screed layer, reducing your system’s stress and power demands.

As a result, your underfloor heating system can regulate your indoor temperature in less time while using less electricity. Then, you can enjoy reduced monthly power bills and a more pleasant living environment for you and your family. 

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UK Screeds Ltd can perform professional installer services for anyone wishing to install an underfloor heating system and liquid screed sublayer in their home or structure. Our technicians have the necessary skills, tools, and materials to perform both installations quickly and efficiently.

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