Liquid screed floor installations are much simpler than traditional sand and cement screed installations. However, you still must understand the basic steps involved to ensure it comes out correctly. That is why a professional screed flooring specialist should install liquid screeding flooring for you.

Here are the general steps of the liquid screed floor installation process.

1) Remove all the Debris

All debris, dust, and dirt need to get removed from the sub-flooring area. Therefore, it is crucial to have a clean sub-floor before applying insulation or liquid screeding.

2) Add the Insulation and Membrane

The sub-flooring area needs to be watertight before applying the liquid screeding. Add insulation boards to the sub-flooring, followed by a thick waterproofing membrane. Note that the heating pipes must be above the membrane and insulation boards if you add an underfloor heating system.

3) Pour the Liquid

The liquid screed is poured and spread over the surface using special levelling tools, such as liquid screed levelling tripods. The liquid appears as a creamy substance as it gets pumped out onto the floor.

4) Drying Time

The liquid calcium sulphate of the screed fluid needs about two days to dry completely if the floor depth is more than 40mm. But if it’s under 40mm, the liquid should dry within one day.

Ask a Professional

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