Do you want to know why property owners across the United Kingdom choose liquid screed for their flooring? It is because it offers many more benefits than other types of screeding.

Let’s explore the top four benefits of using liquid screed:

1) Fills Imperfections Completely

Liquid screed flows through all the holes, gaps, and cracks in your flooring after getting poured. It can fill in these imperfections in ways traditional sand and cement screeds cannot. The result is a smooth and clean flooring surface.

2) Thinner Layer

Liquid screed creates a thin layer on the sub-floor just above the underfloor heating system if you have one. With a thin layer above it, your underfloor heating system won’t consume as much electricity to generate heat for the flooring. Then you can save money on your monthly electric bill.

3) Install Thicker Insulation

Since you can install a thinner screed layer, this offers the opportunity to install thicker insulation underneath it. That is just one more way to add thermal efficiency to your property.

4) Fast Installation

The liquid screed installation process doesn’t take days like the sand and cement installation. The liquid can get poured within one day, and then you have to wait two days for it to dry. Therefore, the installation won’t cause much of a disturbance to your property.

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