There are many floor screeding service providers across the United Kingdom. With all the choices out there, you may wonder why you should choose UK Screeds Ltd. amongst the rest to fulfil your floor screeding needs.

Here are four good reasons:

1) Liquid Screed

Traditional cement and sand screeds are no longer viable for modern flooring projects in the United Kingdom.

UK Screeds Ltd. uses liquid screed on all our flooring projects because it is cost-effective, durable, thinner, and faster to install. Liquid screeds can do everything that cement and sand screeds cannot do.

2) Over 15 Years of Experience

UK Screeds Ltd. has over 15 years of experience providing liquid screed applications to commercial and residential clients throughout the United Kingdom. Our reputation is far superior to our competitors because of our dedication to customer satisfaction and high-quality liquid screed products.

3) Energy Efficient

Anyone installing an underfloor heating system will benefit immensely from the energy-efficient of our liquid screeds. Since the liquid screed creates a thinner surface material, heat can travel through it faster and more efficiently.

Therefore, you won’t consume as much electricity if our liquid screed covers your underfloor heating system. Then you will save money on your electrical bills.

4) Smooth Surfaces

There won’t be any gaps, cracks, or holes left behind after we apply the liquid screed. Instead, it will fill in all the imperfections to ensure a smooth surface is left behind.

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