Now is the time to upgrade to liquid screed for your next new flooring build or renovation project because it is far superior to traditional sand and cement screed. Do you want to know why?

Here are the top four benefits of choosing liquid screed over traditional screed.

1) Produces a Thinner Layer

Pouring liquid screed onto the subfloor surface produces a thin layer that supports an underfloor heating system. 

Due to the thinness of the liquid screed layer, heat from the system can pass through it more quickly and efficiently than a thicker sand and cement screed layer. This means your underflooring heating system won’t consume as much electricity, saving you money on your monthly power bills. 

2) Fills In All Floor Flaws

Liquid screed completely fills all cracks, holes, and gaps in the flooring surface. Once the liquid dries, it does not leave behind any imperfections. Instead, all you will see is a smooth, dry surface. 

3) Quick Installation

The typical liquid screed installation takes about 24 hours, while the drying takes another 48 hours. It is much faster than the several days to install traditional sand and cement screed flooring.

4) More Room for Thick Insulation

Liquid screed allows you to add thicker insulation below the thin layer it produces. It is an additional way to bring more thermal efficiency to your indoor environment to save money on electricity. 

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