A liquid screed application’s installation process is faster and more straightforward than a conventional sand and cement screed installation. That is why our clients prefer liquid screed installations for their domestic and commercial flooring projects. 

Here are the four primary steps involved in this process. 

1) Clear Away All Floor Debris

The first step is to clean the sub-flooring area by removing all dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. It is critical to have a perfectly clean and spotless sub-flooring surface for the liquid screed application.  

2) Install the Insulation Boards

The next step is to install insulation boards in the sub-flooring area to make it watertight. That way, the liquid screed cannot seep through and enter the area below the sub-flooring area. You would not want this to happen if you have an underfloor heating system below it. 

3) Apply the Liquid Screed

Now is the time to pour the liquid screed onto the sub-flooring surface. Use special levelling tools to spread the creamy liquid over the flooring so that it is even. Ensure the liquid covers the entire surface.

4) Let the Liquid Dry

You can expect to wait two days for the liquid screed solution to dry if the sub-floor depth exceeds 40mm. Any depth under 400mm should not take longer than one day. 

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