Liquid screed is a unique flow screed technology succeeding the traditional sand and cement screed technology. The primary difference between liquid screed and traditional sand and cement screed pertains to ingredients mixed into the solution. Traditional screed contains a mixture of dry calcium sulphate with sand, while liquid screed contains a mix of water and calcium sulphate. 

The water application enables the liquid screed mixture to run and flow over the flooring surface after pouring it. As a result, the screed will quickly fill every little gap, hole, crack, and crevice on the flooring surface so that no imperfections remain. Once the liquid screed dries, all you will see is a clean and smooth flooring surface. 

Most builders and home renovators prefer using liquid screed because it offers more benefits to property owners than conventional sand and cement screed. Suppliers like UK Screeds Ltd can easily prepare and deliver the liquid screed mixture to a worksite based on the client’s specifications. That way, the client does not need to mix anything on their worksite and risk accumulating dust. 

Liquid screed is much faster, cheaper, and better to apply on commercial and residential flooring surfaces. Liquid screed usually takes 24 to 48 hours to dry after being applied on a flooring surface. Then, you can walk on the flooring surface as usual and use whatever flooring materials you want on top of it, such as carpeting and tiling. 

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