Myth #1: Latex levelling is just for small areas

This is probably the biggest myth of them all. Latex floor levelling compounds are awesome for patching up little cracks or worn spots in a corner. But thinking that’s all they’re good for? Oh no, you’re way off base there!

These liquid levellers can work their magic across entire rooms, offices, you name it. It doesn’t matter if it is a tiny room or a massive factory floor – latex screeds will sort out any lumps and bumps to leave you with a perfectly smooth, even surface.

Myth #2: It’s a quick temp fix that’ll peel off

Folks say latex floor levelling is more like slapping on a band-aid. That it’s just a short-term solution before everything cracks and peels off in a few years.

No way! When we’re talking decent-quality latex screeds installed properly, they will stick around for decades. We’ve seen jobs still looking fresh as a daisy after 19 years. You get your money’s worth.

So don’t be fooled – quality latex screeds are made for the long haul. Not just some quick hack solution!

Myth #3: All latex levellers are the same

Do you think any old bottle of liquid latex will give you the same results? Not a chance!

There’s a huge difference between the cheap junky stuff and the premium compounds that we use. It’s like night and day, honestly.

A high-end latex product blended with all the best ingredients? Now we’re talking strong, dense, and ridiculously durable. Like having a literal suit of armour protecting your floors against any scuffs, gouges, or heavy abuse they might take.

At UK Screeds, we simply refuse to use any bargain bin materials. Because your home or business deserves floors that’ll go the distance.

Myth #4: Latex = moisture issues galore

Premium latex floor levelling compounds are designed to combat moisture problems! The chemical recipe that is used blocks water vapour from sneaking in.

It’s like laying down a waterproof tarp or barrier before your final floors go over the top. That latex layer creates a protective buffer to stop any wetness from creeping up and causing damage.

Myth #5: Latex levelling is expensive

You’d be surprised at how affordable latex screeds can be, especially compared to alternatives like epoxy or concrete. Yet you’re still getting a premium surface that’ll last and last!

You’re resurfacing and smoothing out what you have rather than demolishing everything. That labour cost gets way lower, and those savings get passed onto you.

So do not wait any more. Call us now!