Think about it – those cheap liquid screed blends rely on basic construction materials and loose manufacturing standards to hit those rock-bottom prices. But that penny-pinching comes at the cost of overall quality and consistency.

On the other hand, top liquid screed brands invest loads of money into testing to perfect every part of their formulas.

Those premium liquid screeds are little engineering marvels engineered down to a science! Every ingredient gets calculated out perfectly to maximise key benefits like:

• High compressive and flexural strength

• Optimised density for thermal/acoustic insulation

• Enhanced moisture resistance and breathability

• Shrinkage compensated for minimal cracking/curling

And it’s not just materials – the mixing and batching processes also get fine-tuned to art with premium liquid screeds. Strict quality checks ensure every batch meets tight standards for flow, workability, and curing behaviour.

Simply put, you’re paying more upfront for a vastly superior liquid screed product that’s built to exact specifications. And that super-controlled consistency from batch to batch helps eliminate surprises or variations once installed.

So while the liquid screed price per m3 matters, quality should be the top consideration. Trying to cut too many cost corners is a surefire way to wind up with subpar long-term performance. And dealing with premature floor repairs way sooner than you’d like!

Short-Term Savings, Compounded Long-Term Costs

Speaking of short-sighted savings, let’s talk about another key difference between budget liquid screeds and quality stuff. Each one has a very different total cost over their respective service lives.

Now sure, opting for that bargain bin liquid screed might shave off a few bucks per square metre for that initial installation. But you have to look at the bigger picture too – namely all the unforeseen long-term costs ahead.

Because inferior liquid screeds often contain minimal additives, reinforcing agents, and quality control. And that lack of engineering can lead to all sorts of premature issues with shrinkage, cracking, moisture damage, and more.

So while that liquid screed might have seemed dirt cheap upfront, you’ll probably be paying an arm and a leg down the road to repair or straight-up replace it within 10-15 years. Those costs can quickly add up to dwarf any short-term “savings”!

On the flip side, investing in a premium liquid screed requires a bigger upfront budget. But that superior performance keeps on providing value and extending your ROI year after year after year.

Quality always wins out for longevity. It’s a smarter investment on liquid screed price per m3 now to keep enjoying those beautiful, hassle-free floors for the long run!