Poured liquid screeds were practically made to quickly soak up and evenly distribute radiant warmth across your floors. That is why it is the best screed for underfloor heating.

The reason they rock so hard at conducting heat comes down to two key factors:

1) The liquid consistency allows for an impeccably level, seamless layer with zero air pockets when it sets.

2) Special additives and aggregates in liquid screeds enhance their thermal properties for maximum efficiency.

So while thick concrete or cement-based screeds might feel the heat, liquid screeding formulas soak it right up and spread it evenly underfoot.

Pair that with their relatively thin pour depth of 25-50mm, and you’ve got responsive heated floors that’ll keep you comfy without waiting hours for that warmth to slowly radiate through.

Straight-Up Better Performance Than Traditional Screeds

Don’t get it wrong, sand/cement screeds can be used with underfloor heating too. But when you compare them side-by-side…well, liquid screeds just straight-up outperform!

Traditional cement-based mixes are thicker and denser, and simply don’t conduct heat as rapidly or evenly. So you end up with cold spots, hot spots, and generally sloppy heat distribution across your floors.

They also need reinforcement materials like fibres to prevent excessive shrinkage and cracking under dry heat stress. Because you know hairline cracks = one unlucky home for all that valuable heat to escape right on through!

Liquid screeds, on the other hand, have incredible strength and virtually no shrinkage built right into their advanced formulas. Their flexibility lets them easily roll with the expansions and contractions from those temp changes.

And when it comes to efficiency…well, there’s just no contest! Liquid anhydrite screeds in particular require way less energy output from your heating system to reach that desired level of toastiness.

When you’re looking at heating costs month after month, that enhanced thermal performance pays off over time. Why make your boiler work harder (and run up higher bills) when liquid screeds make everything more efficient?

Long-Term Hassle-Free Comfort and Durability

Here’s the other awesome part about pairing liquid screeds with underfloor heating: you’re pretty much guaranteed a lifetime of low-maintenance comfort and performance. This combo is built to seriously go the distance!

We all know concrete and cement-based screeds start developing hairline cracks and breakdowns in as little as 5-10 years of heating cycle stress. But the kind of liquid screeds do we use? They’ll keep on trucking for decades with no issues!

Now that you know that liquid screed is the best screed for underfloor heating, give us a call now!