If the subfloor is uneven and bumpy, the final flooring layer won’t lie flat. It will also appear bumpy and may even have gaps. The good news is that it is possible to level an uneven floor with the help of UK Screeds Ltd. We are your specialists in liquid screed in Suffolk. Liquid screed is a revolutionary solution that instantly transforms imperfections into a level canvas, so the installation of your final flooring is perfect.

What are the challenges of uneven subfloors?

Uneven subfloor is a challenge that is faced by traditional floor installers. Unevenness might be caused due to moisture damage, settling foundations or poor subfloor construction. This might lead to problems like:

  • Squeaky floors
  • Uneven tile installations
  • Difficulty in installing your desired flooring material

Liquid screed comes to your rescue

Liquid screed is a revolutionary, self-levelling compound that acts as the perfect solution for tackling uneven subfloors. It stands out in the following ways:

  • The magic of self-levelling – Liquid screed is a mixture that flows freely and seeks its own level. Thanks to this, manual intervention is eliminated.
  • Efficient and fast – Unlike traditional screed methods, liquid screed dries significantly faster and allows you to move on to the next stage of your flooring project quickly.
  • Excellent adhesion – Liquid screed is exceptional as it bonds quickly with different subfloor materials and creates a durable and strong base for your flooring.
  • Versatility – Liquid screed works with different flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, and so on.

The installation process of liquid screed in Suffolk involves adequately preparing the subfloor by pouring the mixture. Then, allowing the mixture to self-level and dry. Although a lot of people have attempted to install liquid screed the DIY way, it is recommended that you take help of the professionals. This is going to maximise the benefits of this solution.

Additional benefits of self-levelling compound

Liquid screed offers additional benefits. For instance, it can be used to create slight slopes for the purpose of drainage and makes it perfect for wet areas and bathrooms. Also, liquid screed is excellent for underfloor heating and can maximise the energy efficiency of your property.

The bottom line

Liquid screed is the best solution to eliminate uneven subfloor and ensure your flooring project is professional-looking and flawless. Due to its fast drying times and versatility, liquid screed is a game-changer. If you need a liquid screed expert by your side, contact UK Screeds Ltd.