Underfloor heating is something every home in Cheltenham must consider. With underfloor heating, the home becomes a cosy place, and the residents enjoy toasty toes on chilly mornings. At UK Screeds Ltd., we specialise in underfloor heating in Cheltenham and would love to introduce you to some more benefits of these systems that go beyond pure comfort.

The unexpected benefits of underfloor heating are explored below.

  • Enhanced air quality – Allergens and dust are circulated in the home environment if you are using traditional heating systems. Since underfloor heating radiates heat from the ground up, it minimises dust circulation. Therefore, your home has a healthier environment.
  • Consistent comfort – Traditional heating systems are sometimes found to be creating cold and hot pockets throughout the house. This isn’t a concern with underfloor heating systems as it distributes warmth evenly throughout the room.
  • Space-saving – With underfloor heating, you are eliminating the need for bulky baseboards or radiators. Therefore, valuable space on the wall is freed up, which augments the overall aesthetics of the house.
  • Energy efficiency – Underfloor heating systems keep the entire house warm whilst operating at lower temperature. This results in lower energy consumption and potentially reduced energy bills.

Additional benefits of underfloor heating:

  • Comfortable bathroom floors- Being able to step onto a warm, cosy floor after a shower means luxury. So, underfloor heating in bathrooms ensures you don’t experience the shock of cold tiles and experience the ultimate comfort and luxury.
  • Relief for allergy sufferers – Due to the reduced dust circulation associated with underfloor heating systems, it is the ideal addition in homes where allergy sufferers live. These systems can significantly improve the quality of air and eliminate the symptoms of allergy.

So, these are some of the benefits of underfloor heating that makes it popular among homeowners. Underfloor heating comes in different forms, including hydronic systems and electric mats. The former uses water pipes that are embedded in the floor. To choose which option works best for your home, you can talk to qualified professionals at UK Screeds Ltd.


Underfloor heating in Cheltenham is much more than creating comfort. It offers various benefits, such as promoting well-being, creating a healthier living environment and reducing energy bills. So, it is high time you upgrade your heating system so you can enjoy these benefits. If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away.