You want your home to feel nice and warm, right? Underfloor heating is the best flooring to get that cosy feeling! While old-school radiators and air vents have been around forever, underfloor heating has become super popular lately. At UK Screeds, we’re experts on this stuff, so read all about it in this blog!

The Amazing Benefits of Underfloor Heating

1. Even, Even Heat

Can you imagine having the same perfect temperature everywhere in a room? No more freezing corners or sweating spots! Underfloor heating warms the whole floor evenly from wall to wall. You’ll feel comfortable no matter where you plop down.

2. Save Money on Bills

These systems are good at saving energy. And you know what that means? Lower utility bills! Since the heat comes straight into the room at a lower temp than radiators, it takes less energy to warm up. More money stays in your pocket – nice!

3. Open Up Your Space

Bulky radiators take up so much room on your walls. But with underfloor heating, you can use that space for furniture or whatever you want! This is great for smaller homes or rooms where every inch counts.

4. Fresher, Cleaner Air

Forced air systems can blow dust and other allergens all over. But Underfloor heating, the best flooring doesn’t use any air circulation at all. So it’s way better for people with allergies or breathing troubles. You can breathe easily!

5. Works with Any Floors

These systems are super versatile. You can have underfloor heating installed under tile, wood, laminate – pretty much any type of flooring. So you get to pick whatever floors you love without compromising on heating!

The services that we offer

Liquid Screed

This modern liquid screed is amazing. It flows out super smooth and level, making it ideal for underfloor heating. Way better than old sand/cement screeds!

Underfloor Heating Systems

We have tons of different underfloor systems to pick from. Our team will listen to your needs (room sizes, desired heat levels, flooring, etc.) and recommend the absolute best option for you.

Self-Leveling Screeds

Maybe you already have floors, but they’re a bit uneven. Not a problem! Our special self-levelling screeds get surfaces perfectly smooth and flat before the underfloor system goes in.

At UK Screeds, we have 19+  years of experience making these premium heating systems a reality for homeowners like you. We’ll assess your needs, pick the perfect products, and install everything to perfection.