Okay, first off – let’s talk about the biggest perk of underfloor heating for carpets. It is like walking on clouds.

Radiant floor heating provides gentle, ambient warmth that makes you feel oh-so-toasty from the toes up. No more cold tootsies despite layering on the fuzzy socks!

Traditional forced-air heating just can’t compare. All that hot air gets trapped near the ceiling, leaving floors and low areas super chilly against bare feet.

Uneven room temperatures make for one uncomfortable winter experience. But with underfloor heating and carpets, you’re enveloped in an even, consistent blanket of warmth!

Your feet defrost while the radiant heat slowly rises to gently warm the rest of the space too. No concentrated hot or cold zones, just pure “ahhhh” vibes throughout.

And if you’ve struggled with chronically cold floors due to no insulation or sub-surface heating ducts? Well, underfloor heating and carpets provide a much-needed permanent solution.

Simply install that radiant system underneath a thin carpet or rug, and those drafty rooms instantly become welcoming heated oases! Houseguests will be floored (pun intended) by the cosy comfort levels.

Okay, so what’s the deal with carpet thickness and underfloor heating? Well, it can affect your system’s efficiency, so smart planning is key here.

You see, carpets act as a mild insulation barrier between the heat source and the walking surface. The thicker and higher the tog value, the harder it gets for warmth to radiate on through to the surface you’re standing on.

Ultra-plush, deep-pile carpets effectively trap too much heat underneath. So while the underfoot feel might be luxuriously soft…that valuable warmth is just going to waste!

Likewise, super thick underlay padding also insulates away that radiant floor heat before it can reach the top carpeted layer. Not ideal!

So what’s the happy medium? Most underfloor heating experts recommend a carpet with a tog value of 1.5 or less paired with a thin, denser underlay without excessive cushioning.

These thinner, low-tog carpet constructions let the majority of that radiant warmth flow right on through to the walking surface. So you get the cosy bare feet vibes PLUS the luxurious soft step of carpeting. The best of both worlds has been achieved!

So don’t let those cold floors stop you from enjoying the soft comfort of underfloor heating for carpets in your home. Radiant heat has the magic touch to keep everything warm!