Is underfloor heating right for me?

We are often asked about underfloor heating systems and of course, the ideal time to install one is when we are pouring the liquid screed flooring. So here are the most common questions and answers which will help you make the decision.

Do I need a special boiler or heating source?

No, the underfloor heating systems we provide use pretty much any existing gas LPG or oil-fired boiler as well as using heat pumps. The main thing is that the boiler must be reliable and regularly serviced.

Which underfloor heating systems are the best?

It is widely recognised that wet underfloor heating systems are the most effective and cheapest to run, install, and has little or no maintenance requirements. We install small pipes in the liquid screed which carry the water from the heat source around the floor.

How effective are underfloor heating systems?

This does vary from building to building and will depend on lots of factors, but it is common to see savings of 30 – 40% on traditional radiator systems. Underfloor systems are designed to be cheaper to run more controllable and more effective than other systems.

When switched on, how long does it take to warm up?

Underfloor heating systems warm up very quickly and can soon raise the temperature of the room. This is because it is very effective and uses the conductivity of the screed and the floor covering to radiate the heat. Stone and tiles are the most effective and will warm up the fastest, with carpet taking a little longer.

Where can underfloor heating be used?

Underfloor heating systems can be installed all over the building, including the upper floors, so it is a versatile and discrete way of heating a property – no ugly pipes and radiators to be seen. Wet rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are the most common places to install systems but when building a property from scratch, it is now becoming a system of choice.

How long will it last and what if it goes wrong?

Our systems are designed and tested before being installed in the liquid screed flooring, so it is highly unlikely a problem will occur. The pipes are designed to last more than 50 years as a minimum and the pipes are a continuous single section without joins. If a leak is detected, this can be simply repaired, but it is very rare.

What are the maintenance plans?

Underfloor heating systems are designed to have no maintenance; however, the boiler and pumps will need to be regularly serviced (as with any system) to make sure they are working efficiently. If you take a system from us, we are always available to offer any advice and ongoing support.

We hope this will answer some of your questions. We are always available to speak to you and advise on the best solution and design the most effective systems for your property.

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