More and more architects are specifying underfloor heating today because of the advantages it has over radiator systems. Underfloor heating systems work by pumping warm water through plastic tubing which is laid under the floor before the final surface is laid. The warmed water can be provided by any heat source.

This means that every part of the room receives even heating, so there are no cool spots that can occur with a radiator system. Furthermore, there are no radiators, so that means that there is more space in the room.

48 m2 at 26 Somersby Gardens ilford
48 m2 at 26 Somersby Gardens ilford

Underfloor heating costs a lot less to run than traditional radiators. A radiator needs to heat up to 65 – 75 degrees Celsius, whereas underfloor heating only needs to run at 29 degrees Celsius or less, depending on the final flooring, so it uses a lot less energy. You save money and you are environmentally friendly at the same time.

Of course, radiators heat the air nearest to the first which can mean that if you are sitting next to the radiator you may feel too warm, while sitting in the middle of the room may make you feel too cold. It often happens that people open a window if they are feeling too hot, and what you are actually doing is letting all that warm air out that you just paid to heat in the first place! Underfloor heating doesn’t overheat or leave cool spots because it covers the entire room at the precise temperature that you set using a wall thermostat.

Underfloor heating also requires virtually no maintenance once installed and often comes with a lifetime guarantee. The heating controller will ensure that your heating runs efficiently. You can also have underfloor heating that can be controlled from your smartphone, or the heating can be programmed to ensure that it switches on automatically at times that you decide, giving you the option to switch it off at night time.

Furthermore, underfloor heating will work equally well with any type of floor surface that you wish – carpet, tile, wood, stone, laminate – anything at all. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about youngsters touching a hot radiator and hurting themselves.