Month: January 2021

When many people think of the process of laying a liquid floor screed they envision the mixer truck turning up at the site, two or three men connecting a hose and pump to it, they run the hose to where it needs to be, turn on the pump until the screed covers the floor, pack everything up, and go home for lunch.

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If you are considering installing underfloor heating in a new project, or you are thinking about installing it in an existing building, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration.

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Over the last 15 years or so, calcium sulphate, or anhydrite, screeds have grown considerably in popularity and today account for about one quarter of all screeds installed in new buildings.

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When you are engaged in the construction industry, creating new buildings from scratch, you have to get everything right – and there are a lot of things to cover. One of these is getting the floor perfectly level, because if not it can lead to all sorts of issues – especially when the final floor is something such as tiling or stone. This is especially the case when the sub-floor is of the modern pre-cast beam and block floors which have a definite camber that can cause problems when you come to lay the final floor surface.

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Liquid screed flooring is incredibly popular today and almost any contractor may claim to offer this as a service.

However, despite its relative ease and practicality as a material, you must still plan your projects carefully and take into consideration important best practices and industry standards when laying down liquid screed for your home renovation.

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At UK Screed we help a great many families install underfloor heating systems in their home and we understand how it can be a worrying time due to the perceived complexity and cost of the project.

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