Month: November 2020

There is nothing new about underfloor heating as there is evidence of it going back to Roman times and before. In those days, they had trenches cut in the floors of homes which were covered with stones and heated from a strategically placed fire. So there is nothing new in principle, although the heating processes have changed somewhat.

laurence November 30, 2020 0 Comments

Today, more and more new build homes and other buildings are being constructed with underfloor heating because of the many advantages over using a radiator system. Not the least of the considerations is that underfloor heating uses less energy than a radiator system, and the room is heated evenly.

laurence November 24, 2020 0 Comments

When you are in the construction industry, one of the things that are necessary for any building is to ensure that the floor is flat and level. That may sound obvious, because we don’t want to walk on bumpy floors and when placing, say, a table on the floor we want all four legs to be in contact with it so that the table stays level.

laurence November 20, 2020 0 Comments

When constructing any new building, one of the most important considerations – among many others – is to ensure that the final flooring is laid on to a surface that is as smooth and flat as possible. This is always important, but especially so when the final flooring is going to be tiling or stone because if the subfloor is not level, then the tiles or stone will not last for very long before they begin to crack.

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More and more people today who are having a new home built, or who may be homebuilders, are opting to install underfloor heating, and with good reason.

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There is nothing new about underfloor heating. It was most certainly in use in Roman times, and there is some argument that it can be traced back a lot farther than that. The Romans didn’t have the benefit of the heating systems that we have today, but they had voids cut into the floor of homes and heated the air using strategically placed fires.

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When you are installing underfloor heating in a property it is always a great idea to install insulation boards. These can be obtained in different thicknesses and are installed on top of the substrate before any heating system is put into place. They work by having low conductivity and this prevents the thermal mass from escaping downwards, thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the subfloor. Instead, the heat goes upwards into the floor of the room which is where you want it to go. It allows the heating system to warm up the floor and the room faster, which in turn conserves energy and reduces heating bills.

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