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When you are in the process of constructing a new building, one of the most important factors is the flatness of the floor. It needs to be as level as possible, and for this reason you don’t want to fit it directly to a concrete substrate which is itself not level. For this reason, it is necessary to cover the substrate with a screed, either the traditional sand and cement variety or the modern liquid screed which uses anhydrous calcium sulphate in place of the cement as a binder.

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Underfloor heating is nothing new. Indeed, it goes back at least 7,000 years when people used to cut trenches into the floors and cover them with stones which were heated from fires placed at strategic points within the building. However, things have come on apace since then, and today we have underfloor heating which can be either electric or a water-based system.

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One of the most important things when constructing a new building of any sort is to ensure that the floor surface is flat and level before you affix the final flooring whatever that may be. This is especially the case when you are going to use tile or stone such as marble for the final flooring because it has to be affixed to the substrate with an adhesive. If that substrate is not level, then when people walk on the tiles they will crack. At that point, the only thing you could do is to remove all the tiles and start over again which would be very expensive.

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More and more people today are becoming aware of the benefits of underfloor heating when compared with old-fashioned radiator systems. Apart from any other considerations, they will cost you less to run than radiators do, and if you use a water-based system with heating pipes that will cost you a lot less than an electric system too.

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When you are working on any sort of construction project, time is money, and the problem is that there can be so many things which can go wrong, causing delays on site. One of these concerns the drying times of screeds used to level out the floor surface, and in the case of underfloor heating being installed, cover up the heating system whether it is water-based or electric.

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If you are considering installing underfloor heating in your home there are benefits to be had, but also one or two issues to deal with. If it is a new build, then the main problem can be taken into account at the design stage, but if you are retro-fitting underfloor heating you need to consider it.

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One of the most important qualities of a floor screed is surface regularity. This is often referred to as the measure of “waviness” of the surface. This is measured by placing a straightedge on the surface of the screed and using a slip gauge underneath to measure any gaps. The results are known as SR1, SR2, and SR3.

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When constructing any sort of building, there are many things to take into consideration, but one of the important ones is the levelness, or otherwise, of the flooring. The final flooring, which is going to be walked upon, and in the case of something such as a warehouse may also have to carry things like forklift trucks, needs to be as flat as possible.

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Liquid anhydrite screeds such as the ones we install at UK Screeds have many benefits compared with traditional sand and cement screeds, especially when used in conjunction with underfloor heating. Not the least of these is that when we apply the screed it is in liquid form and is as near as possible a self-levelling compound in Bristol – or wherever the contract is being carried out.

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Constructing a new building from scratch requires the services of a number of different contractors in order to carry out different parts of the work. At the very top of the hierarchy is the developer who will hire an architect to design the building. Then comes the main contractor and under him come all the subcontractors to carry out electrical installation, plumbing and heating, flooring, window installation, painting and decorating, carpeting, and more.

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